Who We Are

Chinese Christian Church of Woodbury

(3CW) is a non-denominational Bible-centered church ministering to both Chinese and English speaking congregations in Woodbury, Minnesota.
Our mission statement can be summarized as
  • Lead to Christ
  • Nurture to Love
  • Develop to Maturity
  • Equip to Serve


Our History

In the 1980s, a group of Christians from Twin City Chinese Christian Church (T4C) started a bible study group in Woodbury.
In 2004, T4C planted 3CW in Woodbury. We first met in Red Rock Elementary School and then we moved to New Life Church.
May 17, 2009 – 3CW was independent
Feb 14, 2019 – 3CW purchased 3 units of business complex for New Church Building
Sept 11, 2020 – New Building passed City Final Inspection, received Certificate of Occupancy
Oct 4, 2020 – 1st Sunday Worship in the New Church Building


(3CW) 是一间非宗派而以圣经为本的教会。服事住在明州木城附近讲华语或英语的群体。
  • 带人信主
  • 分享主爱
  • 增长灵命
  • 装备事奉
一九八零年初,双城华人基督教会 (T4C) 的一群基督徒在木城开始查经小组。
2004年, T4C在木城植堂, 建立木城华人基督教会。最初是在红石小学聚会。後来搬到新生命教会聚会。
2009年5月17日3CW 成为独立教会。
2020年9月11日 – 新堂建成,通过市检验,领取入伙准证。
2020年10月4日 – 新堂开始第一次对外公开的主日崇拜