Children’s Ministry serves children in Pre K through grade 6.
We encourage you to have daily devotions. Keys for Kids has a good devotion and can be found at

Worship and Children Sunday School

Sunday 9:15-12:15 at church
我们鼓励孩子和父母每天一起灵修。Keys for Kids 是很好的灵修资源,可以在这里找到:








Family Devotion

Starting in January 2022, every Friday at 7:30-9:15pm we will have family devotion together in the church. Activities include teacher guided devotion time, singing, game/craft, and video watching. Parents can sign up to teach in order to learn how to have family devotion at home everyday!




从2022年1月开始,每周五晚上7:30-9:15,我们将在教堂里一起进行家庭灵修。  活动包括教师指导的灵修时间、唱歌、游戏/手工和观看视频。家长可以报名参加教学,以学习如何每天在家里进行家庭灵修。