Staff & Leadership




Pastor Mike Chu 朱景良牧师

Mike was born in Hong Kong and was saved when he was 13. He came to the University of Minnesota for his Computer Science degree. In 1992, he married to Audrey Sau-man Chu. He worked as a computer programmer from 1988 till 2002. God called them in 2002 and they entered the M Div. program of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, MN. Mike was ordained by All Nations Baptist Church on June 4, 2006. He has been serving as the pastor of 3CW since 2008.

朱景良生於香港。十三岁那年重生 得救。後来到美国明尼苏达大学攻读电脑糸。1992, 朱景良与郑秀雯结为夫妇。. 由 1988 至 2002年, 朱景良一直在不同的公司工作。神在 2002年呼召朱景良夫妇,他们在明州中央浸信会神学院修读道学硕士。2006年, 万国浸信会按立朱景良为牧师。从2008年起,朱牧师在木城华人基督教教会牧会。 



Pastor Simon Huang  黃之達牧师 

Simon was born in Taiwan but grew up in Texas. He married Tiffany, a Minnesota native in 2001. They have two children both of them are born and adopted into their family through Embryo Adoption. CaitlinJoy (JoyJoy) was born in 2011 and Elias in 2015. Tiffany received her Masters of Arts in Theological with a emphasis in Biblical Counseling from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2010 and Simon received his M Div. from the same school in 2013. Simon has been working at 3CW in various positions since 2010 and was ordained by 3CW on January 14, 2018.

在美国德克萨斯州长大。他于2001年与来自明尼苏达州的王咏恩(Tiffany)结为夫妻。他们育有两个小孩。这两个小孩都是通过胚胎收养,出生后歸入他们的家庭的。 这两个小孩分别是黄诗如(CaitlinJoy)。她是在2011年出生。第二个小孩,Elias(黄思恩)是在2015年出生。Tiffany于2010年获得了中央浸信会神学院颁发的神学硕士学位。主修的是圣经辅导。而Simon也于2013年,在同一所神学院获得了道学硕士学位。自2010开始,Simon一直在木城华人基督教会服事。木城华人基督教会在2018年1月14日按立为牧师。


Governing Board 理事会

Pastor Chu 朱景良牧師
Pastor Huang 黃之達牧师
Raymond Cheng 郑振源
Simon Fung 冯信安
Yale Wang 王也鲁
Tien Wu 吴天纵

 Deacons 执事

Haoying Ke 柯豪瀛
Henry Leung 梁偉強
Chaodi Li 李朝弟
Levi Tan 陈立伟
Alex Tsuei 崔歧仑