Hymn Project

  • See here for the list of Songs you are teaching.  here is the list to choose from for those who did not select in class.
  • Identify main imageries used in the song
  • Author Background
    • Why he/she may have wrote the hymn
    • How does knowing the author increase our appreciation of the hymn
    • What was church singing like in that time period
    • Is the author of the tune important?
  • Scripture truths and passages behind the song
  • What does this song mean to you? Is there a time in your life that this hymn was beneficial?
  • Any critique of the song. what you dislike or would change about the lyrics or tune.
  • For presentation, play the song for us and/or lead us in singing the song. (if you use youtube- give me the link by Friday before you present)



playlist of hymns on youtube selected for this class. Feel free to add to it


START HERE for research:  http://www.hymnary.org/

If your hymn is on this site, you will have information about the author, the tune and scripture references used for the hymn.

other sites that may be useful



Youtube also has a lot of material on hymns including history or the hymns. But please use another source to check the youtube information. Don’t spread rumors.