10th year

2014 Easter

2014 Easter

2014 is the 10th year anniversary of 3CW. So, the church board has come up with many special events. As an old boring guy like me, I always worry about new ideas. So, when Simon Huang suggested we could celebrate Easter with a Sunrise Service, I grumbled in my heart saying, “Who would go to a 5:45am Sunrise service if they can’t even make our 11:30am regular service on time?” Well, I was wrong. 20 of us showed up. After that, we had a wonderful breakfast at Simon Huang’s house. I could still go back home to have a nap before our 10 am Sunday school!

In April, God blessed us with a joint-church youth conference by Alex Chediak. Thank you for your prayer. This conference was well received. One mom told us that her son shared with her everything he learned when they were on their way home. You can listen to the recording at https://old.cccwoodbury.com/college_prep/ or read Alex’s books: Thriving at College and Preparing Your Teens For College.

During the Memorial Day weekend, we had our church retreat. Once again I worried because we promised the camp we would have 50 people but on the morning of our deadline, we only had 35. Well, I was wrong again. By the end of the day, 15 more had signed. We actually had over 60 people came to the retreat.

The retreat was a worry-free weekend for me because Albert Lui and many others had taken care of all the details. And when I didn’t need to worry, I can do something crazy! Check out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/382532701885670/