2012 Easter Sunday

3CW invited Pastor Bruce Scott from Friend of Israel on the Easter Sunday. We asked Pastor Bruce to explain the relationship between Easter and Passover. So, Pastor Bruce demonstrated the “Passover Seder” (The Feast of Unleavened Bread). And something was both funny and educational happening on that day. This is how Pastor Bruce described in his monthly update:

April 8: Speaking about the meaning of Passover at Chinese Christian Church, Woodbury, MN. A funny thing happened while I was giving my presentation. There is a part in the presentation where the children in the church look for a hidden piece of matzah called the afikomen. When one child finds it, he/she brings it back to me and I give them a small financial reward (maybe $3.00). This is not unique to me. Giving a reward for finding the afikomen is also done at Passover seders in Jewish homes. On this occasion, the children helping were especially rambunctious. They all seemed to look for the afikomen together, a bubbling mass of flailing arms and legs. When one boy found it, they all moved amoeba-like back to me. I gave the boy his money. He took it out of the envelope and the whole group became excited, talking hurriedly about what was to be done with the newly found treasure. As the winning boy was waving the prize $3.00 around, one child said, “Put it in the offering!” Another boy, however, kiboshed that idea and said, “No, put half of it in the offering!” It was hilarious. How like all of us to want to give back to God only half of what He has given to us!