Book Sharing: Out of a Far Country by Christopher Yuan & Angela Yuan

I watched Christopher Yuan’s testimony on YouTube and I was so impressed and decided to read his book “Out of a Far Country.” It is a story about a young man who came out from his closet. Chris started as a PhD student, and then became a gay, then became a drug user, then became a drug dealer. However, God turned Christopher around through his mom in a period of seven years.

This book encourages me to pray like Chris’ mom, Angela. When we are in the midst of trouble, we may think things are out of the God’s control. How come the more we pray, the worst things become. Over more than 5 years, Chris didn’t change but only getting worse. However, if we persist, pray not according to our will but God’s will, God will do wonderful thing. God did not change Chris alone, He also changed Angela and her husband Leon. At the end of the story, we praise God for His faithfulness and goodness.

One interesting aspect of this book is that it is written by Angela and Chris together. So, the same incident is recorded from two perspective.

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