Human Trafficking

The American family thought they were adopting a child, but the child was not a orphan. The “adopting agency” trafficked the child by lying to the Ugandan mother. Greed – for a few thousand dollars they were willing to shatter so many lives. We live in a world full of evil.
At first, adopting had seemed the right thing to do. It was in line with their strong Christian beliefs, and it allowed Adam to practice what he preaches as an associate pastor at a Methodist church in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Blessed with four children of their own, they believed that adopting an orphan who was in a desperate situation was a way of making something good happen in a difficult world.
They opened their home and their hearts, only to suffer the crushing blow of what really transpired.
“We unwittingly placed an order for a child,” Adam says. “The only trauma this poor kid ever experienced was because we essentially placed an order for a child.”
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Pray for the girl’s two sisters who do not know the truth yet. Pray for justice and mercy for all families involved. Let us hate sin. Let us hate greed in our own lives. Let us grief with God for our sins and the sins of others.