May 5, 2013

1) 3CW will join T4C summer conference (6/7-9). The title for this year is “A Church after God’s Own Heart” by Rev Stephen Tan. Registration starts now. Please visit or for more information and registration. Location: Crown College

我們教會將參加T4C舉辦的夏令會.日期 – 6/7-9。今年的主題是“合神心意的教會”由陳建平牧師主講。現在開始報名。可到 3cw,org 或 網站報名和查詢資料。 地點- Crown College

2) Parents must come to pick up their children when Sunday Service is done. Otherwise, the children will not be released from the classrooms.

家長們請於崇拜後到課室接你的小孩, 小孩不可以自行離開課室.

3) We Want Your Used CHILDREN Books! Children Worship Program is looking for any of the following categories of children’s books on : Bible stories, Books with virtues and any classics book that has a moral lesson to be learned. If you have books to donate, please leave them by the welcome table or give them to Julia Fung.

我們要舊的兒童舊書籍! – 教會正需要聖經故事,與美德有關的書籍,幼兒斑的聖經故事書和任何經典書籍..如果你有這類書籍可以捐贈,請放在迎新台,或交給劉振儀姐妹