Prayer lessons in the life of George Muller

George Muller is a 19th century English christian who established 5 orphanages based on faith principles. His orphanages cared for thousands of children over sixty years. Here are 8 faith principles we learn from George Muller:
(1) Just ask God

Jas 4:2 你們得不著,是因為你們不求。
You do not have, because you do not ask.
a) Ask God for provision
b) Ask God for protection
c) Ask with expectation that God will answer
d) Ask God for faith
Mark 9:24 我信!但我信不足,求主幫助。
“I believe; help my unbelief!”

(2) Trust God alone
(3) Establish a positive attitude daily through the Word and worship
(4) Saturate your mind and spirit with the Word of God
(5) Expect God to use trials to feed your faith
(6) Get the leading of the Lord

a) Wait on the LORD
b) Use Spirit-enlightened reasoning
c) Get confirmation from others
d) Do not presume upon God

(7) Keep on praying and praising until God gives assurance
(8) Believe and use biblical financial wisdom

a) Give generously
b) Ask specifically
c) Stay out of debt
d) Examine your motive

[Taken from “Moving Mountains” by Paul L. King (pp 15-34)]