Do Not Stop Meeting Together

What is church? Most of you know that it is not a simply the building, in fact we  meets at a building that is not our own. The Bible says that we are the Body of Christ and God’s family. 
David Gundersen’s article  “Most Important Time to Go to Church” helps us visualize what happens if we don’t meet regularly.  (read the article, its short and well written)
A body that’s never together is more like a prosthetics warehouse, and a family that never has family dinners or outings or reunions won’t be a healthy family, if any family at all.
It’s a sad image when one of us don’t make it to church regularly. The person who misses church misses out on the opportunity to receive grace and encouragement. As Gundersen points out, often the weeks that you miss church are the weeks when you need it most.
The church is not a show. Worship leaders, pastors, and teachers are not performers or even the only ones giving grace and encouragement. We speak and act out grace and encouragement to each other when we worship God together. The church is one in Christ, so when you are missing one week, we are all missing what you bring to the table.  This is also true if you are physically present, but mentally and spiritually absent. Come to church this Sunday and every Sunday ready to give and to receive.